Slow Food Canberra has disbanded

It is with some sadness we advise that, at a Special General Meeting in May, it was unanimously agreed to wind up the Canberra Capital and Country Convivium ("4Cs”).

Existing 4Cs members remain Slow Food members for the duration of their current memberships, and will have the option to renew their global Slow Food membership at the expiry of their current period of membership. Membership matters are handled by Slow Food International, which uses membership funds for a range of Slow Food activities all around the world.


Members can ask to be attached to another Convivium rather than being members of Slow Food with no fixed convivium.

Trying the Community Model

In recent years, Slow Food International has been exploring a Community model of organising. In this model, local groups form to pursue a particular project or activity that is consistent with the "good, clean and fair food for all" ethos of the Slow Food movement.

A member of the now-former 4Cs has volunteered to explore ways and means to set up a Slow Food Community to help connect consumers, businesses and community groups through our local food system.

Becoming involved with a Slow Food Community does not require membership of Slow Food International.

We would be happy to put you in touch if that sounds interesting to you. To get involved in this project (or something else, suggestions are welcome) please email:

A few details

For several years membership numbers and participation in events has been steadily declining. On 31 May 2022 we held a Special General Meeting to decide the future of the Canberra Convivium.

Eleven members (out of 32) and three friends (out of 400) attended.

What did we decide?

  • The members unanimously agreed to wind up the Convivium.

  • They thought that we should give the new Community model a try.

Note: This website and the associated email address of will be shut down on 10 November this year when our website plan expires.

After that date, we can receive emails at:

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