Thursday, 11 October 2018, 7:00pm

Fair Food Week film screening – In Our Hands : Seeding Change

The Food Co-op Shop, Kingsley St, Acton
From the UK, this is an inspiring documentary about re-localising our food.


The film explores the daily reality of nine real life farmers who refuse to be ground down by the machinery of big agribusiness and are proving, every day, that an alternative is not only possible - it's profitable as well.
The UK's 2016 Brexit referendum provided the context for a re-think of food and agriculture policy. However, the themes of ruinous farm-gate prices, corporate domination of food from soil and seed through to our plates, and the shift from food sovereignty to a system run on capital and chemicals are equally relevant to Australia and to our local region. And the examples of taking food back into our own hands are inspiring.


Check out the trailer on Vimeo here.
Produced by the Land Workers Alliance, UK and Black Bark Films:
Pre-book tickets: $10 full price/ $6 student and unwaged, at
If not sold out, there will be tickets at the door: $12 full price/ $8 student and unwaged.

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