Slow Food in other places


Slow Food is an international movement.  For information on Slow Food programs, activities, philosophy, network and membership, please go to our international website.

The international website also has details for Slow Food groups around the world.  As a member of Slow Food anywhere, you are a member everywhere !

Slow Food groups in Australia

There are active Slow Food groups (Convivia) across Australia, from Townsville to Hobart; Perth to Brisbane.  Find out what they are up to, and contact them if you are heading into their part of the country !

South Coast (NSW):                website    Facebook

Berry to JB:                                               Facebook

Saddleback (Kiama):               website    Facebook

Sydney:                                                     Facebook

Blue Mountains:                      website    Facebook

Hunter Valley:                          website    Facebook

Melbourne:                              website    Facebook

Central Highlands Victoria:    website    Facebook

Mildura:                                                     Facebook

Brisbane:                                  website    Facebook

Noosa:                                      website    Facebook

Townsville:                                                 Facebook

Hobart:                                     website    Facebook

South Australia:                       website    Facebook

Swan Valley:                             website    Facebook

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